Musical Influences

Joni Mitchell

I love music it is a huge part of my life and over the years there have been many many artists which have influenced me.
Starting with the legendary female singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, for me she was the best. Blue was a revolutionary album for me, it was happy, it was sad and it spoke to my inner voice. Many a long summer days spent listening to her dulcet tones; and of course we have all heard of her version of “Big Yellow Taxi”. As yet i have not managed to see her live and in all honesty i think i would rather have seen her in the 70s as the albums since have not really been ones i wish to listen to.
Continuing with Jackson Browne, a truly talented singer and songwriter. He has been a strong influence and bond between my father and i, he secretly wanting to be him and i entranced by his voice alone. I have had the good fortune to see him live several times, the first was of course the most emotional, but “The Pretender” live makes me cry every time i hear it.
An extreme jump to metal gods (discussions later please) Slipknot. Teenage angst was gothic and dark influence fuelled, metal was my key, i made friends within metal circles and chat rooms, my best friends kids decided they would be them for “Pop Star” day at school, which presented with us with an invite to meet the band (admittedly in their own side projects but none the less an amazing experience)
Now to throw in a whole record label Warp Records which have become a seminal part of my life, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert cover the university time of my life and signify quite huge personal growth.
Finally….back to a rock band: A a band which hold loved and lost meanings happy and sad times, they were one of the first bands i went without my parents to see and with my then boyfriend. For me their Britishness and their truly lovely nature mean that i will never forget any of their concerts.

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