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Tahini Butter Cream & Other Tales

As you might already know I am back to baking a cake each weekend partly due to frugality but also because I am starting to be more aware about what is in my food...


WeTheFew.co.uk – Coming soon

I will be launching my new domain wethefew.co.uk soon – of course onlynomeswriting.co.uk will still point to this website but I am excited about this new step in my journey. If you would like...

Oil or Butter? A Cake Dilemma 0

Oil or Butter? A Cake Dilemma

I was taught to make sponge cakes with the creaming method, this means that butter was creamed together with the sugar as a base for the cake. Unless your butter is soft this is...

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Did You Join The Bogus 10k Club?

Do you walk 10k steps a day? Should you be walking 10k steps a day? The origins of the magical 10k can be found around the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. A marketing...


The World Has Now In Fact Gone Mad

I dont watch terrestrial television and I dont have a Sky/Youview box but I do stay uptodate with the news via both google and YouTube. This evening the trio of videos YouTube wished to...


Chinese Whispers – Silenced

This year has been a challenge for all of us, the debate as to the origin of the deadly Covid-19 virus has raged all year long. Radical Chinese journalists have tried their best to...