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An OnlyNomesForYou Review 0

An OnlyNomesForYou Review

Having now had these leggings for a while it seemed the right time to review their ‘performance’. Stretchy? They certainly are! Cute? Of course! Do they make our bums look peachy? Almost definitely. The...


Coconut Sponge with Coffee Butter Cream

Weekly cakes have most definitely become a thing in this house and after a break from writing I am back. Apologies for the absence but I just wasnt in the right space to share!...


Tahini Butter Cream & Other Tales

As you might already know I am back to baking a cake each weekend partly due to frugality but also because I am starting to be more aware about what is in my food...


WeTheFew.co.uk – Coming soon

I will be launching my new domain wethefew.co.uk soon – of course onlynomeswriting.co.uk will still point to this website but I am excited about this new step in my journey. If you would like...


To Dough Or Not To Dough – That Is The Question

If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity...

Oil or Butter? A Cake Dilemma 0

Oil or Butter? A Cake Dilemma

I was taught to make sponge cakes with the creaming method, this means that butter was creamed together with the sugar as a base for the cake. Unless your butter is soft this is...