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Soaring Cost of living/No Pay Rises

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Whilst the tory party sit around languishing in our tax payers money us regular people (middle class included) are now being robbed in broad daylight by supermarkets, energy companies and tax to pay for the monumental mistakes made during corona virus.

Tory MPs have been claiming expenses left right and centre using our hard earned money that should be going towards paying our bills and cushioning the ever increasing cost of living and their magic answer is to give us all £150 then make us pay it back by increasing our council tax….hardly a grant thats just a shitty loan that no one asked for.

I looked at the cheapest price I could fix my gas and electricity for today as the company i was previously with went bust and £228 – which quite frankly is a joke, my previous fixed direct debit even with the new company was still £80ish so that its nearly 3 times the amount and worryingly we are still in summer – winter is literally going to bankrupt us all. Some have had bills of £1200 a month – although apparently this was a mistake by British Gas but somehow i find it believable that some poor person somewhere is going to be in that unfortunate situation.

To be told by a bunch of sponging assholes to get a job when we already have one is beyond a joke. The conservatives are also hellbent on reforming to the human rights act and generally ruining our lives, the old guard need to go – we need new young politicians with progressive ideas – not people like Danny Kruger who apparently dont think women have body autonomy so thusly we need to reform our abortion laws too? WTF is this country coming to?

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