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Progesterone Only Contraceptive Pills

Estrogen gets a lot of bad rep for both sexes whether it be man boobs or DVTs – it is however a very effective form of contraception and can be beneficial in various ways. Now being of a certain age unfortunately it means that now I am no longer on my anti-epileptics whilst I no longer have to take a higher dose I cant stay on the combined pill as I am now over 35 – higher risk of DVTs mean progesterone only pill. There are injections that one can have but given that the last time I took the progesterone only pill I was unconsolable and suicidal thankfully the pharmacist didnt think it would be a good idea to try that first and put me on the tablets. Two and a half weeks into the first packet and I am trying to determine whether I am triggered because my body has PTSD from the last time or if its actually making me depressed.

I honestly don’t feel quite as bad as before but the period cramps and tsunami style menstrual flow is all to familiar. It makes me sad to think that I might still be in the same boat as I was with no actual way of improving the situation – they suggested last time that I should be on antidepressants two weeks of the month to balance it out. Not my idea of fun and certainly not the answer. The only other option is to suck it up and carry on which quite frankly I am finding very difficult some might call me weak and overly emotional but truthfully thats how I feel.

Im hoping that things will improve – we will see.

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