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7 Days In To My Wellbeing Challenge

When I started this wellbeing challenge its fair to say whilst id thought the exercise side through – I hadnt actually given much thought to the drinking water and reading side of it. Whilst I have definitely increased the amount of water im drinking I dont think im hitting this magical 3 litres that I plucked from the air – despite it being just one glass an hour whilst im at work im perpetually behind and i forget to track it so – I will need to start tracking via an app (such a shame the NHS weightloss app doesnt have a tracker for water as well as calories and fruit/veg) so I will be using Bearable to track my water from now on. Its slightly frustrating that we need so many different apps to track stuff and it would be nice if someone would just create a very simple app (preferably free but if the charge weren’t too high then that would be ok) that you can track all these things without needing so many different things.

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