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30 Days To Change Your Life.

Having just completed one of the most inspiring bootcamp of my life (check out Zeus Fitness on Youtube) it made me think. All these challenges that are meant to get us fit, help us form better habits and improve ourselves are pretty much impossible unless you already have established discipline. These 75 day challenges hard or soft are something you have to keep up for nearly 3 months – great if you have the discipline but not so good if you don’t, much like the 10,000 step challenge it will actively make you feel crap about not managing to achieve your required steps everyday.

After my health scare a few months ago I decided to up my exercise and improve my life, especially as things are not back down to normal just yet, rather than set myself an impossible challenge I found a 4 week bootcamp to have a go at, cue Zeus – it taught me an important lesson – there is no shame in having limits. One workout was just impossible – partly due to lack of cardio fitness and a slight mental imbalance but after being angry and crying about it – I realised that although the bootcamp was probably for people much fitter than I it didn’t matter, the point was to level up. This particular level just needed to be a bit further in the future for me so I posted what I managed to film – I will go back to that session when I have caught up.

By week 4 of the bootcamp I realised that whilst I am not a health professional or a personal trainer in anyway shape or form I understood my body well enough to write a programme to push myself at my own pace. So after quite a lot of scribbling, some research and a lot of cursing and swearing using canva, I produced this:

I will of course be following it up with resources of books to read, recommended apps and recipes that I find useful as I progress through the bootcamp myself but do feel free to join me whilst its in its infancy, if you would like the printables please request them here

Let me know what you think in the comments below or join me on

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