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Whilst I am arguably a fine one to speak about budgeting and money (not my strongest suit) I am however quite confident at food budgeting and cooking. Something my Dad taught me not long after my parents divorced was to go to the market and buy food for the week ahead to cook when we were at the house in France. A privileged I wish everyone could have but one I know many will never have, it seems to me that we (I mean our generation) have either not been taught, forgotten or weren’t interested when the information was being handed out. As there seems to be some of us that can and some of us that really can’t plan meals, cook the basics and work to a budget. Something that is frankly worrying when we are entering a situation where even the bourgeoisie are feeling the pinch (whilst being told by over paid ignorant MPs to get a job when we already have one).

A discussion in one of the Facebook groups I’m in prompted me to try and find a solution, initially it was look to see if it was possible to cook a decent meal for 4 people for £2.50 which then gravitated to 7 meals to feed 4 over 7 days. In my mind the best way of doing this was to create a spreadsheet which helped – id searched previously for a template which did just that but sadly none were available and the ones that were didn’t really do what I wanted it to. You know what they say? If you want something done correctly do it yourself? I knuckled down and wrote the spreadsheet – after some 6 hours of research, slight frustration, and being appalled at the cost of some basic things I was finished.

I will be extending the series to vegan and pescatarian options but for now to get you started there are carnivore and vegetarian options below.

Click here to request your Vegetarian Budgeting Spreadsheet (Feeds 4) with Shopping List and Store cupboard list

Click here to request you Carnivore Budgeting Spreadsheet (Feeds 4) with Shopping list and Store Cupboard List

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