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Stuck Writing A Scene? – Try This

Whilst many of us hold with the just write anything in the first draft and the rest can be sorted out later I find this a tad difficult. Whilst its not a case of perfectionism its more of a case of understanding how to write it properly. In a recent situation where I was stuck trying to write a murder scene – I did just that I wrote it quickly and tried to move on, well that didnt work – it bothered me – was it atmospheric enough? Pick a thing I managed to find something wrong. After a few days of agonising I turned to my favourite author of atmospheric novels Patrick Suskind and re-read his master piece the pigeon (read it you will understand) it became obvious what I needed to do to add to the scene.

Whilst I will wait to rewrite the scene in the second draft I have made notes to plan how to re-write it so hopefully it will not be quite so much of a struggle the next time.

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