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Abortion – Should be Legalised No Contest

Whilst many men (who have never had to carry a child from a an unwanted pregnancy) seem to think that the right to choose isnt necessary – aborting their precious sperm is too painful of a thought – there are also women who are opposed to abortion.

Some join other pro-life advocates and say that the right to life should always outweigh the right of an individual to equality or to control their own body. Another group object to abortion because they see it as a male plot. (In fact many of this group don’t object to abortion; they want people to be aware that men often support abortion for a thoroughly bad reason.) They argue that men see the risk of pregnancy as something that stops men having sex when they want it. If men are to achieve full sexual freedom (i.e. the freedom to have sex without responsibility) it is essential that abortion be freely available to backup contraception. Abortion however should not be regarded as any kind of contraception method – both men and women are complicit in this (when referring to consensual sex) if you dont have contraception and do not want to risk getting pregnant abstinence is the only way to ensure you do not get pregnant or contract any unwanted STI’s. Whilst this sounds like a school age sex ed lesson – I feel like there are plenty of people who need reminding of it.

I would like to make something clear – I am pro choice – a woman can have or not have a baby its entirely their choice but for them not to be allowed to abort a fetus which was the result of rape (no one should have to carry that reminder around) because its illegal just proves how self serving men can be.

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