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The Karen Phenomenon: 5 Observations

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Having written on the Karen phenomenon before I write again to correct my assertions – I once thought these angry psychotic people were just plain rude and nasty, but having watched a whole bunch more clips and observed one from my apartment window it is clear that is quite far from the truth in many respects. So without further ado 10 things I have observed about Karen’s:

  1. Most are not called Karen – surprising I know – I am yet to discover why Karen’s name was picked when I know so many lovely people called Karen.
  2. Some are not female – not because of identifying as another gender but more simply there are male Karen’s sometimes called Ken.
  3. The person filming is often antagonising them or a Karen themselves – its infuriating to watch someone literally calling the person yelling at them names to try and make it the most controversial video ever that will go viral. This will backfire on someone and conversely there are Karen’s who are simply going to pick on the wrong person.
  4. Karen is a person on the edge – seemingly under an excess amount of stress you were the straw that broke the camels back, a parking space, wearing a mask inside (although this one not so much thats just plain entitlement) their fast food was hot/cold/late are all the end of the world in her eyes.
  5. Those who purposefully pick fights – its going to come back on you maybe not now – maybe not you might even be a future person, but sure as hell they will find a way to punish you for antagonistic behaviour.

Whilst these people have existed for a long time social media has given us a platform to use them like a performing circus – ask yourself a question – if you were having a breakdown would you want it spread all over the internet? Whilst I just about understand the need to identify these people don’t give them the stage they thing they deserve in that heated moment.

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