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The Beauty of Nature

When the news is so full of disaster and negativity it is hard sometimes to be objective and see the silver lining. Positivity can be difficult and frustrating when you find yourself in a hole you never wanted to be in, I find myself looking down thinking how on earth did I manage this? Then I try and remember the good things and that I am here and breathing, I have two legs that function and my organs appear to be functioning normally, the same sadly cannot be sad for all of us so based on that alone we are more fortunate. This might be a very simplified way of thinking and I know that there are many of us that struggle far more with their depression and suicidal thoughts than I will ever be able to understand (make no mistake I am not taking any of that away from you if you feel that way if you do please seek help via your local suicide helpline thank you to OpenCounseling for their link)

I read in an article that cacti are dangerous for your chi when using fung shui they represent the pricky and possibly negative energy that can be emitted from the spines, whilst I dont hold a huge amount of truck with feng shui the logic of using them as trophies seems quite sensible (you should be putting them in your achievements section) I have 2 window boxes full of cacti and succulents in the living room (I can hear all the feng shui consultants hissing around me) I feel like they bring a sense of calm largely because they were either gifts from my friend and his nanna or left to me by my nanna so are emotionally quite significant for me for this reason they will only be swapped from one window another not to other rooms. In feng shui the living room is meant to be a calm safe space for you to just be (something I struggle with as truthfully my safe spaces are under my duvet or in my office) sometimes I feel open and exposed especially with all the windows closed in winter (no leaves on the trees offers no coverage from prying eyes). I sometimes wonder if this is because of my cacti but I remind myself that its because I have not quite fully committed to the conscious decision to be positively aligned. There are many benefits to this and whilst it is very easy to slip into a negative spiral I feel like its important to go back to basics almost like relearning as a child would. Laying out basic processes for emotion management and the way we plan our lives, making sure we avoid disappointing ourselves or purposefully setting ourselves up to fail. Its something I will be trialling to see how I get on. I will report back.

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