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Bill Murray & Fart Jars

Never a combination of words I thought I would ever have the requirement to write. So what does Bill Murray have to do with fart jars if anything? Well technically they aren’t actually related but they are both currently trending on

When I saw Bill Murray was trending my heart came into my mouth, dear lord please don’t let anything have happened to an actor I consider to be a Hollywood treasure, after a bit of investigation nothing serious had happened he just happened to be trending, i’m not inclined to go through all the memes and decipher what had occurred.

The fart jars story is all todo with a person who made a fortune selling their own farts trapped in a jar, they had been receiving death threats (people are very strange I swear) but that didnt matter because they were telling us all about what is happening next for them! Personally I don’t have any strong feelings either way on their bizarrely acquired fortune – each to their own is all I’ll say.

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