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An Epic Fall From Grace

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Well i’ll not lie it gave me great pleasure to discover that the Queen had dropped Andrew like a hot potato. Frankly I don’t know why he thought he would get away with it – whilst he assumed he was the golden boy and could get away with anything he neglected to remember that the Queen has standards and whilst she has been seen in numerous photos with his two friends it doesn’t mean to say she is happy to be associated with such things and certainly doesn’t want the Windsor name dragged through the mud. Its bad enough he divorced Fergie but to be prosecuted for inappropriate behaviour with a minor is a step too far.

Whilst some may not think its akin to a pedophile ring it is in every sense of the word – the appalling thing is that people of their stature historically weren’t accountable for their actions. How the tables have turned – social media has revolutionised accountability – where the upper class think they are above the law it has now become abundantly clear that peer pressure is everything so when millions of people call for change its seemingly more effective than passing round a petition – Djokovic being a perfect example of this – although the flip flopping by the Australian government was unfortunate their residents have been in forced lockdown forever the very thought they think it would be ok to wave the rules for a tennis star very nearly landed them with a riot on their hands – not a good place to be.

Anyway back to Andrew – whilst I cant see that the Queen is acting under peer pressure I imagine that her advisors have looked at the situation and decided this is the best form of damage limitation and i’m sure she will still consider him her son although whether he is still on the Christmas list may be another matter.

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