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I appreciate it is hard when one is constantly in the public eye – whilst this is not something I have had to endure I can see the stress in some peoples eyes when they are being hounded. However I really feel that those in a public figure position need to be setting a good example. Spreading Anti-Vaxx nonsense and wilfully ignoring the rules when others are following them is inexcusable.

It cant be difficult to work out who I am referring to, the Australians are quite right in their position to cancel his visa and expel him (really feel like they shouldn’t have cancelled it reinstated it and then cancelled it again but hey ho) everyone else has followed the rules and there is no actual medical reasoning for him to not be vaccinated – whilst I appreciate that everyone should have a choice flouting the rules like they don’t apply to you will lose you fans. Twitter is filled with angry people from around the world not just Australia speaking out about his blatant disregard for the rules and general disrespect towards the tournament and the country as a whole. I absolutely agree with them, much like my mum said about David Beckham when he cheated on his wife with his secretary – there are kids that look up to him that think this is acceptable behaviour.

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