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Life and Dogs – Raisins and Bassets

After varying things this week and the introduction of our new friend Omnicron i’ll be honest and say the world is clearly fed up and the only way I can see to improve it is through cute pictures and a little bit of advice.

Where this is not the usual formal writing or flash fiction I have seen others do what they call a ‘Feed Cleanse’ – whilst this for me is usually switching over to the @weratedogs twitter account today is clearly the time to introduce you to Daisy basset my fathers ball of smelly joy.

Most basset owners would tell you they are lazy and disobedient – which is entirely proven wrong by some other owners on Instagram – personally I think that’s what the owners like to think but realistically if they aren’t trained to be obedient as with any dog they will of course misbehave and not listen. That aside they are also needy and smelly – I’m really selling them now aren’t I? – having said that they are also hilarious. Almost like having human children they will often spend time shouting and telling you all about the latest ‘treat incident’ (or at least I assume thats what its all about when she sits in front of me barking).

Their obsession with food can be timed like clock work and if you think you will only have to explain the clocks changing once then you are sorely mistaken – food must be presented at the designated hour to the second (see featured image when supper was delayed). Whilst you cant stop them from counter surfing and believe me even with those tiny legs its a thing!

As many of you know chocolate is incredibly bad for dogs but did you also know that raisins are just as dangerous if not more so? Well as my Dad jokingly announced that Daisy had (and I quote) “stolen a pain aux raisin” from the table and eaten it I was truly horrified – pointing out the dangers the jokey attitude disappeared, and assuming after some googling at his end he then realised the consequences – cue immediate trip to the vets – whilst she hadn’t eaten enough to kill her she had ingested enough to start her kidneys on a dangerous path. A few days at the vets and various tests she squeaked through without too many complications and entirely unrepentant.

Daisy at the vets.

I get the impression that she would do it all again but hopefully everyone will be more wise to her antics.

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