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Another Day Another Tragedy

I’m loathed to constantly post negativity (sometimes I feel like a puppy post would be better than the headlines but that wouldn’t be news) however it seems that the USA continues to have quite serious issues specifically Wisconsin – a Christmas parade in Waukesha was the subject of a violent attack, a red SUV (driver currently in custody with the police named as Darrell Brooks) drove into the parade killing 5 people and injuring 40 people 18 of which were children.

The first question is why? Is this a fall out from the Kyle Ritterman case? General unrest? Well it seems the person of interest Mr Brooks has a long history of this type of behaviour. The Milwaukee County District Attorney said that Darrell Brooks should never have been released from jail on the 11th of November on such a low bail. Recent and pending charges all share similar behaviour to the incident on Sunday and it seems he is yet to learn any kind of lesson from his incarcerations.

Despite Wisconsin having a policy that all bail must be cleared for the person to be released unfortunately his bails have been set at seemingly (not quite sure how) affordable amounts and usually less than $10k allowing him to be freed quite easily, personally I would suggest bail needs to be set at $100k minimum for this and any further incidences in the hope it might at least keep him in jail so he cant re-offend.

This is what we know so far – I will update as and when I have more news.

The hope is that despite his ‘not guilty’ plea will be ignored due to the damning evidence from various videos showing him purposefully swerving into the parade in a calm and focused manner.

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