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White Privilege Prevails

As someone on twitter put it best – Kyle Rittenhouse was ‘”protecting an empty used car lot in someone else’s town” and has been exonerated of all charges brought against him for killing two men. In a situation which saw the jury literally hand picked by the Rittenhouse (he removed 6 out of the 18 names the final twelve became his jury) we can only stand and watch in disgust at the way the justice system in America fails victims of crimes.

Rittenhouse killed two people with his automatic rifle when he “clashed” with protesters last year. Videos from the scene show Rittenhouse carrying an AR-15-style rifle, walking the city’s streets with a group of armed men. So how can it be that he was acquitted? Well unfortunately despite the justice system being designed to give everyone a fair trail – white kids are seemingly more protected than snow tigers. Ill behove that they are actually guilty of the crime they have committed and might actually be a disgrace to their family. Hard to believe when he was already violating curfew which was being enforced at the time – he should at least be guilty of that but no the judge quashed that one as well. Rittenhouse’s claim of self defence is laughable at best and his crying antics only serve to mock his victims – the videos quite clearly show he is the aggressor but sadly his two victim’s parents will now be reduced to fighting for justice without it being served the first time around.

ABC actually wrote a good infographic listing the things wrong with the whole situation and trial:

We can only hope that justice will be served eventually.

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