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First World Issues #EndPeriodPoverty

Poverty in western countries has always concerned me, we dont have communism so how on earth do we have so many people on the poverty line? According to the Big Issue in the UK alone the Government estimates that one in four or five are on very low income and rely on food banks in order to feed themselves.

Lifestyle choices aside it still seems unfathomable to me that so many people cannot afford to feed and look after themselves. Whilst periods are controllable using a variety of pills, injections and IUDs this is not the answer to the endemic period poverty the world seems to be experiencing.

1 in 10 girls experience period poverty in the UK and 1 in 7 have struggled to afford supplies and whilst the Government has launched an initiative to provide free supplies through schools there are plenty of schools who have yet to sign up to the scheme.

Whilst brands such as Always have pledged to donate disposable supplies this contributes to another issue – the 200,000 tonnes of period waste going to landfill or down our toilets into the sea. As they are 90% plastic and full of chemicals they take a staggering 500 years to breakdown contributing to the overall environmental crisis we are currently experiencing and not really doing enough to improve. Whilst I can see the value in issuing disposables it is perpetuating a problem that we should be actively fighting.

There are several charities and initiatives which are fighting to raise awareness of these issues which desperately need to be addressed effectively. OnlyNomesForYou.com has created a crowdfunding campaign to donate reusable supplies to these charities and benefit those who are less fortunate. The project itself is designed to be inclusive for members of the LGBTQA+ community whereas other brands dominate their wording with female pronouns and after speaking to a few people this does put them off buying from their sites.

If you are interested in supporting the campaign I have posted the details below

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