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Travel Guide Germany: Frankfurt

I arrived in Frankfurt via the Flixbus – a speedy service complete with Wifi on the coach and airline style seating. A mere 7 euros makes the UK bus system look decidedly inferior considering they are privately funded enterprises. Another town on the Rhine it has stunning views in all directions and a mixture of both modern and traditional buildings. Home to Goethe famed for Faust and other literary classics his influence is evident all around the city and there is of course the statue of him observing the square it sits in.

Do not be fooled by Frankfurt’s business reputation I checked into my hotel which was a little on the tired side but comfortable and went off to explore. I had booked into a free yoga session just minutes round the corner but was amazed to see a Pride festival about to kick off, at the other end of the street a shisha bar nestled quietly on the corner. Stunning graffiti in the side streets showed the political mood of the area at the time.

As with all cities if you search you will find a wide range of cuisines, Frankfurt is no exception, the shisha bar did a range of middle eastern food, further along I stumbled across a noodle bar, a relief as the traditional fried food of Germany was starting to have adverse effects.

As I was only there a few days I didn’t have time to explore the city or the restaurants very extensively but my advice is even if you are only there for business get out and explore if you can – there is plenty to see and the culture is incredible.

I stayed near the Zoo which also has lovely gardens to walk through. All in all Frankfurt was a great trip and I cant recommend it enough.

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