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Travel Guide: Brussels

It has been some time since I traveled to Brussels however the city itself I imagine has not changed vastly (with the exception of course of the COVID-19 after effects.

The city itself is quite beautiful in the more expensive parts unfortunately there are some judgmental souls eyeing you up and down to assess whether you can afford to be there but don’t be discouraged.

Famous for rules, chocolate, beer and mayonnaise on chips the food does not disappoint. Neither does the beer – the Blue Chimay was my favourite until it gave me the mother of all hangovers (my own fault). It is also a pretty ‘safe’ feeling city to travel as a single female.

It is incredibly easy to travel to – I took the Eurostar which of course brings you to the main station in the centre of the city, there are options of buses, taxi or walking to your hotel – I took a taxi as it had been a fairly arduous journey before I managed to get on the train at london and I wasn’t prepared to faff around.

Hotel Prices: There are hotels for all budgets – they currently range from around £35 up for a hotel in the city center which is very reasonable.

Food: Again something for all budgets, my recommendation for shellfish lovers is moules and frites – dont spare the mayonnaise! As far as plant based options go I wasn’t that way inclined at the time so I cant speak from experience but a quick google tells me that there are plenty of options – happy cow has a top 10 list thats worth looking into. Budget meals are easily obtainable either via supermarkets, fast food and pubs that do food.

One place that I didnt go to which I probably should have done was the museum of chocolate – not to be missed if you are a fan. Egmont palace – has a beautiful park open to the public for picnicking and they also have a café should you so wish to have a coffee in the Orangerie.

Live music: There is plenty of live music, at the time I visited there was an offer of some local punk rock – sadly the Blue Chimay put paid to that but the venue itself looked great fun!

Keep an eye out on AirBnB for free events in the area as you can go on all kinds of tours and meet new people.

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