Lions Mane Mushrooms – Would You?

My childhood hatred of mushrooms is coming to an end, I am no longer a child and I now eat some mushrooms, not all kinds. My obsession with oyster mushrooms has been going for a while now and I am constantly looking for new types of mushroom to try, I dont really care for the standard button mushrooms as these are the ones which put me off in the first place, so when I discovered lions mane mushrooms I was fascinated – I had to have some, the supplier had run out but the shop which they were using for distribution had one punnet left. Fate had decided. Apparently they are best crispy or in vegan crab cakes, I opted for crispy – slightly suspicious as to how one would achieve this with a mushroom but as per the instructions the water released and then they started to go crunchy! Served as a side dish with garlic butter they were divine, they soak up any flavour around them mimicking the other ingredients.

The rest of the batch was added to one of my random creations and took the flavour of the grilled chicken I added beautifully. I suspect that its not widely grown but if you contact your local mushroom shops im sure someone will point you in the right direction. Never ever eat a mushroom you found outside if you do not know 100% what it is. The risk does not outweigh the reward trust me.

Also known as bearded fungus this versatile mushroom will mimic quite a few different meat textures and with some clever flavouring you could make some pretty inventive alternatives including as I said earlier – crab cakes. Its also available as a supplement to aid memory loss and there are some studies being done with regards to its ability to prevent dementia but as always these remain ongoing and cannot be confirmed or denied as to their accuracy.

If you take anything from this article it should be that you need to try them, they are worth seeking out to cook, get creative and make something great!

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