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Coming Soon: We The Few – Girls On Tour

We The Few has now been out for a few months and understandably the girls (Rachel, Meg and Kate) are eager to get out and meet some of their potential readers. So it was decided they would be let out to do a virtual tour across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

There will be live interviews with the characters and a chance for you to download the book for free – the event will of course also be free for everyone to attend but if you wanted to support my writing then there will be a special offer on the paperback version of the book for you to treat yourself to a copy.

The live question Q&A session will be on Facebook – if you have a question in advance or would like to submit a question for one of the other interviews please send a direct message via whichever platform you prefer.

The free kindle book promotion will be starting on the 17th of March and the tour will start on the 19th at 7pm so why not download a copy and come along, I promise no spoilers for those who haven’t read it.

If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity when you buy my book using Amazon Smile!

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