Featured Artist: Be3Art a.k.a Luke Margetts

Making it as an artist has never been easy, it seems like even those who went through the rigmarole of academia struggle to be heard. This makes it significantly difficult for all the other artists struggling to be heard. Spending hours on end preparing works, posting them and interacting with a community is a full time job in itself and it is hard to see that all this time invested is even worth it. Despite having passion, skills and two degrees and struggled through many issues Luke remains an unsung hero in the emerging artists world. The commitment to his YouTube channel and his art is unwavering.

Showing off a range of skills that he as both gained through education and self taught it is a pleasure to see such a variety of work from one person. Some of it is controversial to say the least but when has art ever not been challenging? Pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions makes the world think, those who are offended are clearly not able to understand both points of view. The ignorance is shocking to say the least – whether a piece is to your taste or not is irrelevant because that is your opinion – everyone has an opinion much like they also have assholes and we dont need to see them.

The perceived value we also place on art is also largely discriminating against the artist, if you worked 100 hours at your everyday job you would expect to be paid accordingly, its no different if you are an artist, writer, maker/designer. Just because you can buy something mass produced for very little it doesnt mean that the people who have taken time to hand prepare and design something should not be recompensed accordingly? The artist who prices their art so they can see lots at a small price only stifle themselves in the long run – it also devalues artwork over all.

Red Bubble

Its a strange place – it invites artists to share and monetize their work but as with all shared sites it is all too easy to be funnelled away from the link you were pointed to. The reviews are not for the artists themselves they are for the products and you are swamped with other accounts whilst you are browsing. Luke has spent some long time curating his 611 pieces of artwork on his account and I would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of my favourites. You can support his hard work by shopping his entire collection here


Luke’s commitment to his YouTube channel has been tireless starting with a video a day his goal to reach 1000 videos is not far off, the vlogs are an inciteful foray into art, current events or even his thoughts and inventions. An infectious laugh and witty banter takes you on a journey through his body of work.


Luke’s website is his Gallery with his entire collection painstakingly curated and arranged so that people can view it in all its glory. I like to think that his nudes are a homage to the prudishness of the world – his more eclectic pieces combine both nudity and challenging the stereotypes of angels and the LGBTQ+ are often represented rather than a standard male or female figure. Despite what people think there is no need for any kind of prejudice in religion if god loves all his creatures and we should all be free to express ourselves.

Remember all artwork was created with love and care by someone – don’t devalue their hard work by buying cheap.

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