Meaningless Apologies

We see a multitude of apologies – celebrities apologising for their past mistakes, hell the American government even apologised for slavery but does it mean anything after the fact?

Personally I dont think so, the ‘Blackface’ movement has caused controversy with comedy shows and celebrities being vilified for something that happened – in some cases decades ago – is the apology relevant? Were people offended at the time? or is it just the ‘woke’ deciding they should be offended on their behalf. I have spoken about Ali G before and it really is a perfect example of those who don’t understand intelligent comedy. For those in the know Sacha Baron Cohen was always mocking white people trying to be black not black people. Whether you understood this or not at the time it was and remains funny even now.

The ‘woke’ left wing white people who think that being offended on others behalves need to take a look at their priorities – largely because perception is everything – what you perceive to be funny may well insult others but that doesn’t mean you need to force your views on to everyone else surely?

At the risk of sounding extreme its rather like the #metoo movement – sexual assault should be reported at the time there are systems in place to ensure that people can be brought to justice – even back in the early days although there might not have been the scientific processes there was still due process.

When one is forced to apologise it shows – and being corralled into giving a public one should be discouraged – do you really want an insincere apology forced by the hand of twitter or would you rather have a personal and heartfelt one in a more private setting? I am not saying that in some cases an apology is the right thing to do but publicly targeting people who then lose their jobs and face the daunting task of rebuilding their career should be thought twice about – most normal people leave twitter after a few trolling comments in response to some fatuous nonsense they’ve been spouting. People don’t like to be called out and unfortunately in a world where fact-checking is now an automatic process by social media platforms its time we start considering the impact that libellous baseless claims on both the subject of their anger and their own.

Take Chase Strangio for example an apparent legal mind tweeting that JK Rowling and another author being Anti-Trans White Supremacists – this tweet has now been deleted but the fact they considered posting it knowing how litigious JK Rowling can be it was certainly a bold move – drawing your own conclusion of fascism without evidence is a sad way to encourage attention. Will they issue an apology? Fairly unlikely given the circumstances they just hope that deleting the tweet undoes it ever happening…

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