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Trump: A War Mongering White Supremacist In Our Midst

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Trump the White Supremacist

Trump has been called everything under the sun including sympathising with white supremacists but to be to honest its gone far beyond sympathising and his deluded view that he can get away with the behaviour he exhibited before the inauguration only undermines the American Legal System and Congress if he is not convicted. The New York Times reports that the Senate agrees that the trial is constitutional however there is a serious risk that there will not be enough support to convict him. The risk of Trump being allowed to run for another term as President is real and will have serious consequences if he does. If the Senate do acquit him then they will have to answer to a large number of Americans who feel it is unconstitutional to sacrifice both police and American citizens. As JB from Brooklyn commented on the article:

http://nyti.ms/2LLuB6w 10/02/21

The lies Trump has told since his inauguration only go to proof how little respect he has for the American people, his supporters might be thinking that he has them in mind when he “Makes America Great Again” but many are now left with little to nothing of what was promised. The American people are disillusioned by the promises that were made and never kept and I would like to hope that Trump supporters see the violence at Capitol Hill as a tragedy never to be repeated.

Trump had no intention of disassociating himself from the right – he has made this more than clear on more than one occasion, when asked to directly disavow white supremacists he went out of his way to encourage them –

“Proud boys, stand back and stand by,” Trump responded. “But I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left, because this is not a right wing problem, this is a left wing [problem].”

Debate 29/09/20

Just minutes after his answer at the debate, members of the Proud Boys and similar groups celebrated his response, flooding their social media channels with comments like “Standing by, sir.”

A few days later he was clearly forced by someone to apologise because he then issued a statement condemning all white supremacists – the more senior republicans were clearly uncomfortable about their association by default.

Is Trump a warmonger?

I was discussing this with my mother yesterday and made the point that he might not be starting international wars but sure as hell he was creating enough of a divide for a civil war! Slanderous as it might sound frankly its not far from the truth. America is regressing slowly back to the times of the confederate flag and the north/south divide, it sounds ridiculous but look at the evidence. Ironically even his own lawyer made the point!

 “the so-called trial will tear the country in half, leaving tens of millions of Americans feeling left out of the nation’s agenda, as dictated by one political party that now holds the power in the White House and in our national legislature.”

“This trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we’ve only seen once before in our history,” he added.

David Schoen, one of lawyers defending Donald Trump

The trial itself makes a mockery of the justice system to impeach a President for offences which would land any citizen in jail for several years the fact that the Senate can vote to acquit him just as easily as they impeached him in the first place. It is interesting to note that although the UK does not generally use impeachment it was apparently seriously considered regarding Boris Johnson’s handing of Brexit but sadly it didn’t stick. On 29 September 2019, the Sunday Times reported that opposition politicians in the House of Commons were considering impeachment proceedings against the prime minister, Boris Johnson “on charges of gross misconduct in relation to the unlawful prorogation of parliament”, as well as his threat to break the law by failing to comply with the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019 (which required him in certain circumstances to seek an extension to the Brexit withdrawal date of 31 October 2019).

All in all we have to watch this mockery of justice continue until next week – we can only but hope that republicans see sense but the general consensus is that he will not be impeached despite the evidence but on the up-side Georgia are starting their process to prosecute him for the “extra votes” they were threatened by Trump to find in order for him to win the election. So whether he is tried for inciting violence or fraud hopefully one of them will stick and he will be publicly disgraced as he should be.

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