Breaking News: Today Is The Day!

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for. Day one of the Trump impeachment trial, now knowing that he has already been impeached once before – you would like to hope they would make it stick this time. Although the general consensus seems to be that The Senate is unlikely to achieve the two-thirds majority vote required to actually fully impeach him. Congress is ready and waiting and no doubt his lawyers are ready to lay it on thick.

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The historic trial kicked off at 12 Noon ET and the schedule is expected to be as follows:

– Today: Senate votes on constitutionality of trial
– Wed/Thu: Prosecution Opening Arguments. (No longer than 16 hrs)
– Fri & Sun (if needed): Defensive Opening Arguments
– Sun/Mon: Senator questions
– After That: Debate Over Witnesses

Defence lawyers will no doubt fight the good fight with spurious lies and implying the process was rushed and its unconstitutional for blaming a president for inciting violence when he clearly did. One police officer beaten, 4 dead at a riot incited by POTUS Donald Trump himself at the Capitol Hill Riots. It was unfortunately remiss of me not to screen shot some of his tweets before his account was permanently suspended by Twitter – although thank you to Twitter for printing them! For further information please see their public statement on their blog but safe to say the crack about the Inauguration being a “Safe Target” was the straw that broke the camels back.

An inspired move on Twitters part banning Trump from the platform but sadly I cant help feeling that they are months too late the damage has already been done, but having said that at least they cant hold him in contempt of court for discussing the case via social media which I am sure he would try and do anyway as he has with all of his other legal run-ins whilst President. In a move where Trump declared his love and support for the rioters when he had falsely claimed victory over Joe Biden he crossed a very serious line.

It will be interesting to see how the trial pans out over the next week – I will be keeping a close eye and reporting each evening on any progress made but for now its time to enjoy the show and hope that justice is served.

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