Gadget Mad – Top 3 Aspirational Kitchen Gadgets

Technology has made us gadget obsessed – whether we like it or not there is always something that we cannot live without. Whether its a diary, kitchen gadget or any number of things which supposedly make life easier. There are a multitude of things that do which is fair enough there are also a plethora that don’t – like the clip on draws I bought for the fridge just useless! We all buy things and then wonder why we did it, then there are the gadgets we buy where we discover we actually cant live without them. Kitchen gadgets have grown exponentially with technology – it is now possible to go without a standard cooker entirely and use just gadgets to cook your meals. Useful for those in small households but I suspect not so much for 6+ people, it is now possible to buy a soup maker which will cook the ingredients as well as blend them – I wont lie I’m not sold on that thought at all – just buy a dishwasher if you are that bothered by the washing up. Social media marketing throws gadgets at you left right and centre – whether you like it or not – adverts allow for feedback from users there and then as angry people vent their displeasure and there is always one person who is entirely happy with their purchase and cant quite understand what everyone is talking about.

In 2013 Gary Vee wrote the final in his social media marketing trilogy Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – he observed that at the time that the number of people using social media to make informed decisions regarding purchases was on the increase. I now see hundreds of conversations in various Facebook groups discussing what they are going to buy to replace their food processor they have had for the last 20 years. Lengthy discussions about air fryers versus the newest Ninja 10 in 1 gadget – personally having an oven I cant see the benefit of an air fryer but I know my friend has had several and swears by hers. My dad treated himself to the Ninja 7 in 1 multi-cooker and is very pleased despite grumbling about the price he has to concede it is very useful. I have a panini machine (also used for toasties and I’m intrigued as to whether it will do a steak) a waffle maker that I use (shocking I know), a stand mixer, small blender and a hand blender oh and a toaster. I don’t really use anything else – we don’t have a microwave because I don’t like them although just occasionally they are useful.

Air Fryers

There are hundreds of them out there – they are of course healthier than deep fat frying but still require some oil, nothing you couldnt do with an oven so think carefully before you buy something that takes up a fair amount of worktop spaces. People might swear by them but it is a costly addition for you not to use. They start from about £40 so not a big investment if you are planning to use it often.

Combination Cookers

A revolution in the world of cooking but no replacement for the real things, they are much like a washer/dryer machine – very useful however if you are living alone or do not require to create large amounts of food. Brands to look out for are Instant Pot and Ninja – although pricey they are the most well reviewed – you will always find there are unhappy people regardless of the quality, having said that a lot of the imitation gadgets are just as good quality.

Soup Machines

It makes me sad to mention these as I really feel like people are being robbed for something they could do with saucepan and a £5 hand blender Good Food magazine rated the Tefal Easy Soup Maker as best in show and at a whopping £69 on Amazon I am lost for words as to what could possibly be the draw unless you had no cooker whatsoever?

I am certainly not against gadgets in the kitchen and it has been interesting looking at the psychology behind peoples buying choices, something they have had for years which no longer exists provides emotional agonising whilst they try and work out how to replace it.

Do you have a favourite gadget? Which one would be replaced instantly if it died? Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/wethefewnews or twitter.com/wethefewnews

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