Too Fast Too Furious?

Social media is ablaze today after an incident in Tacoma, Washington, it seems that a Police Officer drove into a crowd of 100 people who refused to move and struck a person with their SUV whilst attending to reports of street racers at S. 9th St. and Pacific Avenue on the 23rd of January 2021. The details are unfortunately are very clear as multiple reports and photos and videos circulate Twitter and new channels. As if that situation was wasn’t bad enough the Officer sped off without even a backwards glance. There are reports from the Police department of the Officer fearing for his life and they are concerned that they may have another us of deadly force on their hands – uhhh really? You think that driving into a crowd to disperse them was excessive? To me their biggest problem is that the officer didn’t even stop – someone was clearly run over, there were multiple people affected and because he thought he would be lynched he left wounded people behind. I am glad to hear they have handed the investigation over to the Independent Investigation Team at Pierce County because at least there is less likely to be issues with cover-ups.

Tacoma Police Department Statement – a slightly different interpretation to that of the video evidence.

2021 has had an inauspicious start for some of us although the Inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden fills me with a lot more confidence than 2020 did with the sociopath that is Donald Trump. Biden’s first day in office passed most by but the slew of at least 17 executive orders he signed are hopefully now starting to undo the 4 years of chaos that was Trumps term. The world was rather hoping to see a clear decrease in the use of excessive force by US police officers and I’d like to think that this an accident that was never intended to happen but driving into a crowd of 100 people who refuse to move is tantamount to excessive force and more accurately stupidity. We can but hope that there will be a focus on education in crowd management and general policing, not that the UK are world renowned for having superior skills but it is incredibly rare that we have such chaos.

We should also address the issues of the street racers/burnout situation, the people involved in the incident were blocking the street, as it was a public street they might have expected people to call the police? This is also not a new pass time and certainly not risk free but its also definitely not one which should happen during a pandemic surely? Social distancing and wearing masks will help to a point but the people in the crowd are clearly not distanced so lets hope we don’t add that one to the fallout from this quite frankly horrible incident. At time time of publishing this post 2 have been confirmed injured possibly more.

Stay safe out there people.

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