When Did You Last Poop?

Slow digestion? Crippling back pain? Headaches? Seeing ‘Stars?

Question – When did you last poop properly? If the answer is you cant remember or you have experienced any of the symptoms above you probably need more fibre and possibly the assistance of a laxative.

I thought about this question the other day, our guts are now becoming more of a topic for discussion then the taboo they always were but it seems to me especially with lock down and other things we still do not eat enough fruit, vegetables and fibre. I am just as guilty and to be honest it has been somewhat of a problem for a while now. Even working out at home does not substitute the exercise we get when we are walking around work and it certainly doesn’t encourage you to be any healthier.

Lunch times at the office can become a contest, who’s on a diet, who has the healthiest? How do the boys stay in trim yet they go to the local cafĂ© for chips every other day? But how many of us actually make sure that we are eating a balanced meal? Unless your on some faddy diet – which I can guarantee will stop working the moment you stop doing your diet – there should be no excuse not to have a balanced meal. Now if you are plant based or vegetarian you will obviously be replacing the meat in the below picture with pulses, tofu, plant based proteins.

Which foods are high fibre? The following list is not exhaustive I have picked accessible foods rather than some of the ‘unique’ ingredients shall I say, these are in no particular order.

  1. Water – drink plenty – help your gut don’t hinder it by dehydrating yourself.
  2. Frozen Peas – there are so many ways to enjoy peas why not add some bacon or finely sliced root veg.
  3. Broccoli – not everyone’s favourite but a batch of broccoli and blue cheese soup – put as much stalk in as you can and you are on the road to an easy tasty high-fibre dish.
  4. Dried fruit – prunes and apricots are choc full of fibre – they also count as a healthy pick me up.
  5. Oats – muesli, porridge, oat bars – take your pick, try and make sure they are gluten free as this cuts down on any bloating.
  6. Beans – baked or refried – enjoy mixed beans or simply those out of the tin (not my personal favourite but accessible and acceptable) look for the low salt and sugar version. You could even make a batch of mixed bean chilli for a real kick.
  7. Chia seeds – a plant based ingredient I know but trust me – chia puddings are delish – enjoy a chocolate version like the one from BBC Good Food. Make the night before in 5 minutes for a super tasty breakfast. Sub the plant milk for standard dairy milk if necessary.

Nowadays in the UK there is clear labelling discussing the nutritional content of foods including fibre levels so if you are still struggling look for the labels.

There are a large range of different sweet treats with extra fibre in them, whilst they are useful and do provide an average of an extra 5g of fibre as part of your daily recommended daily intake of 25g they are full of sugar and truth be told really not that nice (in my own opinion) but by all means if you think that would be the best way to add it to your diet then by all means go for it.

As far as supplements go – look for psyllium husk capsules or powder to boost your digestive system.

Now believe me when I say I need to practice what I preach far more than I do but if there are days you wake up and you think your lower back has gone pop, ask yourself when did you last poop?

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