The World Has Now In Fact Gone Mad

I dont watch terrestrial television and I dont have a Sky/Youview box but I do stay uptodate with the news via both google and YouTube.

This evening the trio of videos YouTube wished to draw my attention to were Covid related of course. As of Monday we were placed back in lockdown, working from home has been strange, having to deal with being back in lockdown and then your boss calling to say that the business owner has tested positive rather changed the mood of the day.

I spent time mulling it over and tidying viciously, it didn’t really improve my mood but there are at least a lot less cobwebs and my office and wardrobe have been tidied to within an inch of their lives.

Now back to the headlines, bare in mind these people queuing at The Jenner Practice in Forest Hill, London are meant to be in lockdown. My first question would be why oh why have they all turned up at once, surely they thought through some kind of plan to book appointments for patients, note that none of them are social distancing and they are also stuck outside in the freezing cold. Words literally fail me as to how this happened, just why oh why oh why?

I completely understand how important the vaccine is but this will cause far more problems than anyone can fathom at the moment. The second and third video merely demonstrate my point, tales of horror from the hospitals and announcements by the government to stay home. The world has gone completely mad.

The only thing that has been more appalling this week has been Donald Trump and his abominable behaviour, inciting violence in the US Capitol, seeing that all the social media platforms have now banned him goes a very small way to making this situation better, at least the world will not have to put up with his bullsh*t anymore. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if he is arrested and impeached for his behaviour which many are calling for.

I can but hope that next week isn’t as much of a disaster show as this one.

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