Chinese Whispers – Silenced

This year has been a challenge for all of us, the debate as to the origin of the deadly Covid-19 virus has raged all year long. Radical Chinese journalists have tried their best to expose the reality of the situation but the Chinese Government have managed to silence 8 whistle blowers so far this year – if it really came from a wet market in Wuhan then why are they silencing people? The CCP do not like the idea of appearing to not be in control – the initial efforts to control the pandemic were obviously slow and made them look like they had no control at all.

The Chinese Government do not want anyone knowing how desperate their pandemic situation is. Zhang Zhan was jailed for 4 years because of her criticism at the very beginning of the pandemic and is now being force fed via a tube due to being on hunger strike since June of this year. Freedom of speech is not something that the CCP encourage they never have done and never will, they cant afford for the narrative they have created to be challenged, it is designed to keep workers focused on working and not realising that their human rights are being infringed. Communism has been the scourge of the Chinese people for many years now. The atrocities committed against the people are depressing, whole groups of people relocated and rehomed, their cultures destroyed by the Chinese communist party.

Outrage has also broken out in the wake of a list of Chinese Communist Party members who are working in British firms, whilst there is denial of any surveillance being undertaken it remains a worrying situation. Among them is a senior official at the British Consulate in Shanghai. The official describes their role as supporting ministers and officials on visits to East China. Although many people sign up to the party are doing it solely for career boosting purposes and will probably never spy for the government it is of course unknown how much of this assurance is actually true.

The Foreign Office has insisted that it has ‘robust procedures in place to keep information secure and to vet staff at our overseas posts’. Which is laughable when you think of the number of Government laptops left on trains and information routinely leaked via the British Press, it is understood they are aware that they employ party members. However, a senior Whitehall intelligence source said the revelations did raise security questions. “In that station [the official] will be sat one floor away from the MI6 team and could have identified intelligence officers.”

Is there anything we can do to reduce Chinese influence? The short answer is probably not in the near future but measures should be put in place to prevent possible future damage. Whilst the Home Office are happy to admit they have CCP members working for them and whilst I am sure they have signed the official secrets act I still think its important to vet them a little more carefully than most. The last thing we need is the Chinese having any advantage over us after they have crippled the world with a deadly virus (intentionally or not).

Wet markets should be banned for so many reasons including protecting the animals but sadly vested interests are slowing the proceedings down, as someone said “we banned slavery world wide why not wet markets?”

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