5% of UK Children At Risk of Hunger

Its a shame to think that we live in a world were people need food banks, I do donate to mine and I make a special effort to share their requirements as and when they come up on social media. It however truly saddens me that in a supposedly first world country such as Britain we have people who require a food bank to survive, whether its because they have lost their job and they have no money at all or if their benefits have been stopped and they cant afford food there should never be a situation where this is an ongoing arrangement. There are children so grateful for their food they are writing heartbreaking letters of thanks to their providers.

Whether its because of money or circumstance the pandemic has highlighted that there are plenty of people who fall through the net of support that government welfare systems supposedly provide. There are some who don’t see why or how people need help with such things – I cite the UK government cancelling children’s school meal support – meaning that 3 million children would go hungry – when the total population of the whole of the UK is 66.65 million that is a disgusting statistic 5% of children in the UK!

How can I help?

There are arrangements in most UK supermarkets where you can either donate your own choice of foods by placing them in a collection basket or if you go to Lidl for example have created their Feed It Back with Neighbourly they have leaflets and you can choose from their selection what you would like to donate.

I Need Help

The Citizens Advice Bureau in the UK can help refer people – they will assess your income and needs to see what options are best for you. There are lots of food banks all over the world so if you can get to the internet then you will more than likely find something near to you. There are also church run food banks which may also be able to help. If you are in the USA then Feeding America have a website which can guide you in the right direction. Never feel ashamed to ask for help.

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