Weak At The Knees

The world is a torrid place at the moment, life is testing us in ways that we never thought possible. Whether we want to admit or not we are all just a tiny bit weaker than we were before the pandemic started, whether it be physically or mentally.

The American elections causing international worry as the world watched waiting to see if another 4 years of catastrophe was on the cards (its still hard to believe that people actually voted for Trump twice. Biden has his ‘quirks’ but they are far less worrying than a business man who has built his wealth on lies and deception and there was a distinct worry he would do it to the country he purported to love.

The reluctance to relinquish power and admit the truth is shameful and Twitter has spoken as you can probably tell with #crybabyTrump trending as we speak. His disgust with the world might be venomous but it is misplaced, he lost fair and square he can argue the toss but it won’t make the blindest bit of difference. Democracy is being mocked by an orange faced idiot who takes to Twitter to inform the world of what he is doing much like a toddler.

The world is just going to have to start ignoring Trump and his bad behaviour much in the same way a child needs to be taught how to behave. It is unlikely we will be able to fully ignore him because even when he is no longer President he will find a way to make waves. Social media has given a voice to a man who didn’t need one.

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