Shrooming Around – Top 5 Mushroom Recipes

My relationship with mushrooms has been mostly hate hate until recently, the slimy texture of button mushrooms used to make me gag and my teeth tingle. After some years of resistance and a lot of convincing from my friends I discovered that the issue was not with all mushrooms just some of them. Wild mushrooms such as Oyster and Shiitake are completely different to that of the common button mushroom and although the chesnut mushroom likes its brown cousin they are nothing alike!

Slicing them finely is the key – I find that chunky just equals rubbery and chewy when using the Chesnut/Button/White Mushrooms.

Here are 5 recipes to encourage you to eat fungi:

  1. Mushrooms on sourdough with goat’s cheese and cavolo nero – Delicious magazine serves up this updated version of cheesy mushrooms on toast – always happy to give this a go.
  2. Mushroom bhaji – not like an onion bhaji – this delicious (and easy) vegan dish is perfect for a weeknight supper, pair with Naan bread or paratha!
  3. 15-minute mushroom and tarragon stroganoff – A dish which historically has always been a nemesis (horribly rubbery mushrooms) now reincarnated in quick and healthier form.
  4. Wild-Mushroom Bread Pudding – a delicious sounding savoury bread pudding a perfect alternative side dish for beef.
  5. Shiitake Ice Cream – no your eyes do not deceive you there is a mushroom ice cream recipe – truth be told not sure how I feel as I haven’t tried the recipe but if you do – let me know what you think! – This recipe requires an ice cream machine.

Mushrooms are also useful for other things not just food – they may not be to everyone’s taste (lots of people I know are not keen on them usually for the same reason as me) but they can be used for a variety of medical issues and they can even be used as construction materials! Find out more via the National Geographic Website. A company is even testing them as an alternative to plastic. No longer are they the blight of full English Breakfasts and bad psychedelic experiences – well they are but we should concentrate on the positives – I urge you to go find your new favourite mushroom.

Foraging for mushrooms I hasten to say is not something you should do without an expert with you – it can be incredibly dangerous if you eat the wrong variety, which is why I am glad that the supermarkets and local grocers are trying to keep an interesting selection. Hopefully next year the foraging courses can restart next year – I highly recommend doing one if you are interested in finding edible mushrooms but please use caution when identifying the mushrooms – as dramatic as it sounds it can be deadly and in some cases it will be deadly.

Do you have a favourite mushroom? Or do you hate them still, let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/nomwritingfood

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