New Arrivals This Way

There is no central point for Rachel to meet the new arrivals, she often has to track them as they turn up in the most unexpected of places. There are numerous cafes she lurks in whilst she is waiting, they are dotted around the city, some in the centre and some surprisingly far out, the idea was she was never more than 5 minutes. Those first few moments are crucial when someone has “awoken”, if they were found by anyone else who knows what might happen.

Once they have met up with Rachel there is somewhere they all have to go, to Meg’s building to get chipped and registered. So I guess you could call it the arrivals hall but really its a bit of a far stretch in the scheme of things. It is however also an important place in the story, its the start of many people’s “awoken” journeys – Meg prepares them for their new life in this “awoken” world.

“We The Few” often refers to someone who has “awoken”, what I am trying to convey is a higher level of thought process, they are no longer of their born reality, they have emerged in a new world and a new life. Kate is obviously special in some way and Rachel and Meg will have to find out why so they can protect her. Rachel has a feeling Kate has some kind of special power, her aura is electric so it has to be something to do with that right?

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