From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

Great Britain as we know is made up of 4 countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each country makes a point of differentiating themselves from their fellow countries – the Welsh and the Scots would never call themselves English so why are they offended by British Airways (sponsors of the England rugby team) wishing the England Rugby team good luck? A team which BA actually sponsor, the world continues to bemuse me with its stupidity – Twitter is once again rife with people forcing their opinions on everyone else. BA had to retract its message once published because of the Welsh taking offence and yet they would rather die than call themselves British? Is it because their sponsors have never wished them good luck? Who knows, some are blaming the woke for being too sensitive, personally I see a distorted situation created by sensitivity in this current climate.

The Welsh have their own parliament and pretty much make their own decisions, if they aren’t getting any attention from their own sponsors they might want to take it up with them? Many have cited the video BBC Wales made which was so anti-English it had to be banned – Twitter called for it to be banned for two reasons one – because it offended English fans and also because it belittled the Welsh – something that apparently BBC Wales never intended for it to do? One can only assume that the team that created it were living entirely on another planet to everyone else.

Its difficult to draw a conclusion as to why we have to have these conversations – civil wars have been fought over less – the only advantage is that these battles now mostly take place on social media where the written word dominates rather than fisty cuffs. The definition of British of course includes the Welsh but for crying out loud if a company is sponsoring a sports team surely they should be allowed to wish their team good luck – maybe next time they can wish them both good luck rather than just one of them – its like being in the playground at school.

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