Total Chaos? Or Simply Just Crazy?

Twitter shouldn’t be a regular source of things to discuss in my opinion as it can be a toxic place where people treat each other pretty badly. Looking today I see Anne Frank trending, for all the wrong reasons, a person on a game show had cited her as fictional. It doesn’t take a genius to know what the reaction would be and the threads have once again turned into crazy playground where people sling faeces like monkeys.

Its hard to know how to react, on so many levels you question how had education failed this woman? One has to wonder what thought process she was going through when she answered that one, granted he might not have known the actual answer but how did he think that one of the most famous faces of the holocaust was a fictional character. The mind truly boggles. The most worrying thing is that she was a teacher herself.

Looking deeper into the story she didn’t have a brilliant time with any of the questions leaving the viewers of the program gobsmacked. The story actually happened in 2019. Apparently another person has now answered the same on another U TV program, it just disappoints me really, it shows there really is something wrong with our education system when there are people who can get things so drastically wrong.

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