Stuck In A Lift With Zane

Zane is the most secretive of the bunch, he has a whole load of things going on that people close to him will never know about. Usually Zane keeps himself to himself, he tried relationships for a while but never really settled it just seem to cause unnecessary heartaches. Even though he rarely leaves his pod we caught up with him in a lift as he was entering the office.

So Zane – tell us a little about yourself – where do you fit into ‘We The Few’? Zane looks somewhat bedraggled and has a slightly haunted look about him today. After an embarrassed look and a small cough “well im the nerdy guy I guess that’s what they refer to me as at least, I do all the work on the security systems so I know them like the back of my hand – when I saw the state of the system after the explosion Meg was involved in I knew something was wrong. Its a lengthy process trying to find out whats going on even for me.”

Ah so how do you know Meg and Rachel? Zane blushes “there was a time in my life when I didn’t understand what I wanted, I learnt that there were things I definitely didn’t need in my life”. Putting his hands in his pockets he looked at the floor. Its never a mistake if you learn something from the situation, Zane bit his lip “maybe so at least I know what I don’t want”.

How do you know Mac? Is he a friend of yours? Again Zane looks down “I guess he is, hes the person I’ve known the longest here, we try and keep an eye out for each other. I don’t hang out with him a lot though, I’m more of a hermit type than sociable.”

Oh ok – any hobbies? Surely you have interests outside of work? Zane looked pained “i’d rather not talk about that, you are getting a bit personal now and I have to go to the office now” he presses the button, the lift comes to a halt at the 3rd floor and he exits without looking back.

Maybe we will catch up with him another day.

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