Sparkling Unicorns In The Distance

For the last 50 years the unicorn trend was been consistently present life had become somewhat strange for May. She was used to seeing sparkling unicorns all over the place. There were apparently still places where the trend had died but as yet she had not managed to find them. She was convinced they would be a sanctuary for her as she was now completely sick of unicorns.

She didn’t think it would ever come as she had loved them dearly from a very young age. But 25 years plus of them everywhere had started to depress her. They were the symbol of the right wing government that had terrorised them for the past 50 years. It seemed ironic. The symbol of a fantasy animal used by varying different religious groups for centuries usually for good but in this case it had built very negative connotations.

Now it symbolised hate and rage which saddened her. She didn’t want to associate such an innocent animal with such awful behaviour. A children’s icon had been ruined and there was little to be done about it. May voted for every other party available but to no avail, her friends held the same frustrations as she did. They too voting to remove the monsters from power but it was useless. The day would come when the old guard have died and it will pave the way for a new world or but that seemed far off.

Every weekend she searched the internet hoping to find a place to escape to. It didn’t matter if it was another planet she would move there, she was at the end of her tether now. Although she was close with her family they would understand, they knew how unhappy she was. Sparkling unicorns were starting to affect her in ways that were detrimental to her health, over the last few years she had slowly started to break down under the regime. Knowing there would be an end was not enough of a glimmer to keep her sane, she started to live in her second life more and more, rarely coming out to actually see or speak to people.

After several months her friends staged an intervention, it was time for her to come out of her second life and deal with the issues she had been ignoring. They couldn’t do much about the political situation but they could try and treat her un-diagnosed psychological problems, or so they thought, May reluctantly came out but went into decline when they tried to assess her, they gave her sedating drugs which simply made her rage more, it seemed hopeless. It became apparent that nothing was going to help except finding somewhere else for her to be. Space travel was possible and they knew people who had moved but where could they send her? Anywhere that didn’t have sparkling unicorns.

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