Top 5 Rainbow Vegetable Ribbons

Ribbon and “spiralized” vegetables have become a lot more popular since the increase in people avoiding gluten in their diets, as it is similar to pasta. It is also a great way of increasing your veggie intake, I confess I don’t often make zoodles but I do ribbon my vegetables – I find it makes them much quicker to cook and they taste fresher. Many parents are now using them for meals for the children as it makes the food more fun and look more like their usual favourite spaghetti and whilst there will probably never be a Heinz version i’m sure that it would be possible to slather them in tomato sauce just the same. The best thing is that you really don’t need one of those complicated spiralizer machines, a simple vegetable peeler will suffice. Just make sure you watch your fingers as the vegetables get thinner you might find the peeler slipping.

Here are 5 recipes to get you started – I will also stress again you do not have to have a proper fancy spiralizer.

  1. Summer Ribbon Vegetables – Gimme Some Oven starts us off with this easy summer salad, but you could enjoy any time of the year really.
  2. Celeriac Ribbon Pasta Tossed Chard, Garlic and Pumpkin Seeds – BBC Good Food continue with a mouthwatering winter dish using delicious celeriac root. Perfect as a starter or a side.
  3. Raw Rainbow Pad Thai – Pad Thai traditionally uses rice noodles but for those who are noodle free this raw rainbow pad Thai from Happy Foodie should still satisfy the craving.
  4. Courgette Ribbon and Striped Beetroot Ceviche – Traditionally ceviche is made from thinly sliced raw fish so for those who don’t find this appealing or are plant based this veggie alternative sounds absolutely divine.
  5. Vegetable Ribbon Pasta – An interesting twist on a carbonara style dish – Pampered Chef offers this as a side dish but I say make a big bowl and have it as a light supper in the week!

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