Zombies Incoming Take Cover!

Grace threw herself under the counter, the house had been abandoned for some years now but they used it for photo shoots every now and then, the old owners hadnt been seen in over 10 years. There had been a housekeeper but even they disappeared.

The zombies had chased her from the end of the drive she had no idea where they had come from or why they existed, as far as she knew the apocalypse was not nigh. She had been walking in the grounds as she did often, all of a sudden she’d caught a glimpse of something out of her the corner of her eye. She picked up the pace trying to get to the house before they caught up with her.

She could hear them rattling the door, moaning like something out of a horror movie. It made no sense to her where had they come from? The door behind her creaked open – she peered out from under the counter – there didn’t seem to be anyone there. Then a face appeared not 6 inches from hers, it wasn’t a zombie or at least it didn’t seem to be, the facial expression was quizzical as if to ask what was she doing there?

An embarrassed smile appeared on her face ‘hi’ she said offering her hand to the face in front of her. The expression changed to confused, as she peered back round she realised the face had no body.

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