The Humble Potato – 5 Inspiring Recipes

Its fair to say that within Great Britain the potato has been a somewhat controversial, with Sir Thomas Harriot introducing this truly versatile vegetable from Peru and Basque fisherman bringing it to Western Ireland where they stopped to dry their cod. Over the years this innocuous tuber has solved and caused war and famine in equal measures. The Irish potato famine remains a bone of contention to this day.

It is rare that we have a truly bad crop of potatoes due to the variety of supply chains which we now have at our disposal. So without further ado here are 5 unusual recipes to expand your potato recipe repertoire.

  1. Tapenade skordalia – this unusual Greek alternative to mashed potatoes includes a good dose of garlic and olive oil and the addition of olive tapenade making it an excellent accompaniment to any Mediterranean dish or some delicious sausages.
  2. Boulangère potatoes wrapped in streaky bacon – a low and slow dish as I like to call them, although it is wrapped in bacon I am sure that a vegan tweak can be found, use finely sliced char-grilled courgette or aubergine instead – or Facon if you prefer!
  3. Masala cauliflower potatoes – a spicy yet versatile dish, a great addition to any curry night or simply enjoy with your favourite grilled meat/veggie steak.
  4. Potato Gnocchi – We are all guilty of buying them instead of making them and there are plenty of alternative versions including pumpkin and squash versions, these little potato pillows of joy can be baked, fried or boiled and added to a wide variety of dishes.
  5. Irish Potato Cakes – fancy a healthy alternative to pancakes with your brunch? These dry fried potato cakes from Sprinkles and Sprouts are easy to make and contain only 4 ingredients – great for using up left over mashed potato.

There are of course a wide variety of different kinds of potatoes now including heritage, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes – why not experiment and add something a little different.

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