Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Writing my first novel as I have said before has taught me that free writing is not the way forward, you end up with anarchic characters who dictate the pace of the story. I would come back to either nothing or everything happening at once – not ideal. So with this in mind I did a quick brain storm of where my characters should be in the story, next will come a plot line, and some kind of beginning, middle and end.

This all might sound obvious to those of you who are experienced writers and although I have been writing for a couple of years now I have realised that I have a lot to learn. Despite what some may think I believe that your novel needs to be a free but also structured, it is not essential to plan every word as if you were writing some kind of scientific paper containing earth shattering discoveries.

Some kind of romance (although its against my better judgement) also creates feeling, encouraging the reader to engage and adding an element of intrigue to the story – will they wont they? Admittedly this is not everyone’s cup of tea and the sci-fi romance genre has created a niche for itself, there are often ‘sparks’ of energy between characters in pure sci-fi novels but it is unusual for it to be a specific part of the story line. Dare I reference The Lord of The Rings books which differed entirely from the romance filled films? Not strictly sci-fi but demonstrates my point perfectly.

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