Egg Sandwich Revolution

For me eggs have always been a key part of my diet, I love them in all forms (except pickled) life is always better with an egg sandwich and its even better if it has bacon! I didn’t think it possible to make the humble egg mayo sandwich any better until my friend had the idea of adding curry powder to the eggs before you add the mayo, it gives an almost coronation style note of sweet spice, it is new to me deliciousness. I’d like to say that I have pictures but you know me!

I know this combination is definitely not new and its good to see there are loads of different combinations to try such as using hot sauce instead of curry powder it really depends on the kick you want, you could even use tomato instead of mayonnaise – the world is your oyster as they say so go ahead and try it. For vegans there are also a variety of options using chickpeas as an egg substitute so fear not you don’t have to miss out! Here are a couple of recipes I have come across on my browsing.

  1. Curried Egg Mayo Sandwich Topper – BBC Good Food – much the same as my friend’s recipe but uses paste instead. Salad is entirely up to you personally, I like adding cucumber.
  2. Vegan Curried Chickpea Salad Sandwich – Up Beet Kitchen serves up an easy curried chickpea salad sandwich for your enjoyment.
  3. Butterbean Curried “Egg” Salad – an interesting take for those of you not keen on chickpeas and don’t fancy tofu either. Will be suggesting this one to my sister!
  4. Curried Tofu Salad – The curious chickpea shows us how to remake our favourite classic with tofu – but curried of course. Enjoy.

Whats your favourite sandwich filling? I have a top 5 but it changes order every week! Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/nomwritingfood

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