Haloumi For The Win

Haloumi sat and wondered, why had her parents given her such a name? Was it because they were unimaginative? No – it was their favourite thing in the world and they wanted to celebrate their new favourite thing by naming her the same as a piece of cheese. This was not what she had wanted to hear from her parents as the explanation; she had hoped it would be something more romantic perhaps but her parents weren’t exactly high on the I.Q. scores either. Neither of them particularly but certainly lacking certain important skills like common sense and maturity.

Although she didn’t enjoy the cheese herself she had to concede that it was a sweet reason even if it was ridiculous. There were so many other more normal options they could have gone for but apparently, they weren’t good enough for their precious baby. Until now Haloumi had mostly escaped any potential bullying at school by managing not to have the craziest name in the class (who even calls their child ‘Sh*thead’ anyway) but she was off to college, it sounded foreign enough she hoped people would just take it at that and not make the connection.

She had hoped that by 18 she would have either learned to accept her name or at least have the courage to change it if it indeed bothered her that much. She always had in the back of her mind that’s what her mother’s reaction would be. As much as she wasn’t fond of her name it could be a lot worse so she decided she would stick with it, maybe she would get used to it eventually, or come up with some witty comebacks for the jokes.

Starting a food blog would almost be too good an opportunity, maybe she could be like Lynda.com and sell her domain for insane money when a haloumi giant fancies acquiring it. Haloumi knew it wouldn’t work that as it relied on so many factors but it was worth a go, she made a mental note to go and check later no need to be done right now. A blog would be a good idea, a place to put her thoughts into the world about food and writing could only be a good thing.

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