The Importance of a Sunday Roast

A traditional Sunday roast has been the mainstay of British family meals for hundreds of years, a joint of meat was often placed in the oven before Church whilst the family were getting ready and vegetables added when they returned.

Today times have changed and the increase in Plant based options has modernised the way in which we approach this classic meal. One of the local vegan restaurants to me started delivering Sunday roasts as part of their lock down offerings. It rapidly became very popular as despite how rewarding this astounding meal can be a lot of people would rather not put in the time to actually make it themselves. Myself I find cooking a roast one of those truly therapeutic meals as it requires you to pay attention to timing and be caring about the food you are providing. Here are 5 Sunday roasts you might want to give a try.

  1. Spatchcock Zataar roast chicken with fruity couscous and roasted vegetables. A quicker way of roasting a whole chicken it always gives a juicy and flavourful result.
  2. Roast sea bream with fennel, sourdough and preserved lemons – a very non-traditional offering this is an easy way to include more fish in your diet and is lighter than a normal roast.
  3. Vegan Haggis – Yes there is such a thing – serve with roast potatoes, veg and Yorkshire puddings.

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