Eat Yourself Sleepy – The Power of Pistachios

The humble pistachio has been an acquired taste for some of us for many years. At first, I was suspicious of the green slightly strange tasting ice cream but was always happy to sit with my grandparents shelling them and eating them straight from the packet. Now I love the ice cream and have discovered an even better reason to be eating them. Their secret superpower is their high melatonin levels mean they can actually aid sleep without having to take the pharmaceutical version. Obviously, I am not saying those who have been prescribed melatonin for their sleep patterns should drop it like a stone and switch to the natural version but it is an option for people looking for something anti-inflammatory and a natural to aid sleep.

I have scouted around for some recipes to inspire you all to eat more of them, but obviously, there is just the option of eating them straight out of the packet! For reference 18 pistachios equal 3mg of melatonin and the standard adult dose of pharmaceutical-grade melatonin is between 2mg and 10mg.

  1. Savoury Date & Pistachio Bites – an interesting take on a bliss ball – thank you to EatingWell for this little gem I haven’t tried them yet but this will be on the list of weekend treats for me to have a go at.
  2. Cherry and Pistachio Chocolate Bark – an easy treat which requires 50g dried cherries, 100g dark chocolate and 75g pistachios. Using either chips or a bar melt the chocolate over a bain-marie, make sure you roughly chop the pistachios and dried cherries. Once the chocolate is melted fold in the nuts (reserving some) and cherries and spread out on baking paper to set sprinkling the rest of the nuts on top. This will give you a double dose of melatonin due to cherries also containing high amounts.
  3. Fig, goat’s cheese and pistachio salad – figs are also fantastic for your body and for sleep this easy tasty salad could be an evening starter or a main just bump up the portions. Courtesy of Olive Magazine.
  4. Salsa di pistacchi (Pasta with Pistachio Sauce) – another tempting recipe from Olive Magazine this Sicilian recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal after a long day.

I hope I’ve given you all some inspiration – especially those of you who want to improve yours sleep, as with all things like this please consult your physician before changing your medication and remember don’t eat more than an oz/28g or so as it will have the opposite effect and keep you awake!

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