5 Brunches You Could Enjoy Anyday

Unless your routine extends into the weekend then quite often I find that breakfast and lunch tend to end up in one meal. The term Brunch originates in the late 19th century from a Margaret B. Wright of Oxford University used as slang and is first recorded in Lunch at Oxford and published in The Independent (New York) of Thursday 22nd August 1895. There is a strong belief that it was designed to cure one’s hangover. Today it remains the fancy affair it was originally described, with multiple courses and the addition of prosecco, an extra excuse for day drinking. If you fancy giving brunch a go but don’t fancy a trip to a restaurant or cafe here are 5 recipes to try at home.

  1. Kedgeree – a spiced rice dish with smoked fish, eggs and sometimes lentils as well this is an easy to prepare, a dish which is flavourful and satisfying

2. Half Baked Harvest’s Ultimate Spring Brunch Board – A sharing feast for those with lots of people to feed. A thing of beauty and something for everyone.

3. Curry-Avocado Crispy Egg Toast – Good Housekeeping has many brunch ideas this one caught my eye – you know you want to try it!

4. Frittata – Easy to do egg dish – there are vegan options out there for those who prefer.

5. Finally a luxurious option Tater Tot Waffles with Smoked Salmon and Caviar – enjoy something truly different – you could skip the caviar if it really isn’t your bag.

Enjoy your brunch whatever the day of the week and most importantly enjoy your time with your favourite people.

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