A Tumultuous Melting Pot

Meg stared at the giant soup pot sat on the table in front of her – she didn’t know what to do with it not because she didn’t know how to cook but the world they lived in did not account for utensils heated on a wooden stove. Technology has changed and there is no longer a need to burn wood in order to create heat and energy, this was one thing that ‘the elite’ had done which had helped the environment they no longer needed. It was a shame they couldn’t have just kept the animals around anyway but sadly even if they had they would have been disposed of in other ways. Animals were not held in the same regard as before, they were a detriment to the progress of society, when Meg learned this it made her sad, she loved animals and it was a shame that it was like this.

The pot itself was empty Meg had thought that given the fact it appeared out of nowhere surely that meant that it was magic and self-filling in someway. After staring at it for some time it became vastly apparent it was neither self-filling nor suitable for use, where had it come from? The pod had been locked all day whilst she was at work it cant have just blinked into existence – could it? She started to wonder about things appearing and disappearing, patterns were starting to form as she visualised the last few months. Something was definitely going on but what it was was anyones guess.

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